Stanza Stones Development

October 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

Amber Bednall and myself were asked to design a range of materials for a poetry workshop being run by the Ilkley Literature Festival. The materials would be put in a red velvet box and send to each poetry group. The materials list was as follows:

  • Poem
  • Poets letter
  • Map of Pennine Watershed (3D)
  • Intro cards
  • Timetable

Initially this consisted of emails back and forth between the project co-ordinator to decide what visual style they would like. It was requested that it should be youthful and appeal to young people without being patronising. I decided to go with something simple and clean without being condescending to the young people involved.

Below is the map for the poetry trail, connecting groups across the Watershed. The outline of the map had been intended to be embossed outwards to raise it above the rest of the paper and mimic the landscape:

And the introduction cards so the young people could get used to the coordinators.

A snippet of the timetable which was to be concertina bound:

This design approach was rejected and it was asked that the design be made cooler and more appealing to kids. Me and Amber then thought it appropriate to do something incredibly expected and obvious with a lot of muddy colours and textures to reflect the landscape of the Pennine Watershed and give the whole thing a tone whilst being childlike also.

We mainly focused on the map for this part of the design as it would be the basis for the rest of the materials:

At first it wasn’t messy enough so we went further:

Then we went too far:

And reigned it back with some extra information to what was the final design:

This style was then applied across the rest of the materials some of which looked like this:

Although the client wasn’t fully happy with this design it was too late as once again the deadline was very short and the client wasn’t really sure of what they needed in terms of graphic style or tone. Amber and I also struggled to print these resources as we had to source our own paper and print each page using a laser printer.

Here are images of the final boxes which went out to the groups: